Unveiling the Next Chapter: Revel & Rye Event Planning Co.

In the fast paced world of wedding and event planning, we’re always on our toes, making sure we match up with what our clients needs. After an incredible 16 years as Summit Soirée, we’ve hit the refresh button and voila! Revel & Rye Event Planning Co. is born! It’s not just a name change; it’s a testament to our growth and a fresh promise to keep delivering exceptional service.

Why the change? Our company has evolved, and the team is getting bigger. Shifting from Summit Soirée to Revel & Rye isn’t just a name thing; it’s like taking a leap into the future where our values and services are right in sync with the diverse and dynamic nature of modern celebrations. Plus, we’re taking this excitement into the stunning state of Colorado, expanding our expertise to the Rocky Mountains!

Why “Revel” in our new name? It’s there to capture the happy and celebratory vibe we want to bring to every event. And “Rye” reflects the refined, timeless touch that makes Revel & Rye’s way of doing events stand out. Together, these elements create a new identity that is both contemporary and enduring.

With a consistent focus on hospitality and a team characterized by enthusiasm, Revel & Rye is positioned to turn wedding and event planning into an enjoyable, stress-free journey for our clients! Our newly named company takes pride in its capacity to craft personalized experiences that mirror the unique tastes and preferences of each client.

As our Revel & Rye team grows, you can expect greater expertise and more creativity. We’re staying on top of the latest trends and innovations in the event planning world, making sure each celebration stands out. Whether it’s an elegant wedding or an out of the box corporate bash, Revel & Rye has the experience to turn your vision into reality with style.

This rebrand isn’t just about a fresh look; it’s us becoming an even better, more client-focused team. We get the ins and outs of wedding and event planning, and our hands-on approach means every detail is carefully crafted to go above and beyond your expectations.

In a nutshell, Revel & Rye Event Planning Co. is inviting you to a world where celebrations are more than just events – they’re thoughtfully curated experiences. With our amazing team, a fresh new identity, and an unwavering commitment to making the planning process as low stress and dare we say, as fun as possible! We’re prepared to elevate event planning, bringing a fresh perspective to each celebration. We are so excited for the journey ahead! 

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